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Our Teachers


Ms. Kailey

Founder of Starbright Music and Performing Arts

Private Voice Teacher and Group Musical Theatre Teacher

Ms. Kailey is a Goshen College graduate with a double major in Music (Vocal Performance Concentration) and American Sign Language Interpreting. She also has a minor in Musical Theater! She is classically trained vocally and has been taking voice lessons for 12 years.  For more information about her education and experience take a look at her resume here!  

When she isn't teaching lessons, she loves to spend her time singing (of course!), cooking and baking, doing crafty things, relaxing with family and friends, and adventuring.

Mr. Basil

Group and Private Lesson Acting Teacher

Mr. Basil is a Lyon College Alumus and Pilot Point native with a BFA in English and Theater. He has spent most of his theatrical career on stage, but also has experience directing. 

When he isn’t teaching, Mr. Basil also works as a full time staff writer at the Post Signal, participates in productions held by the Garage Door Theater, and runs TTRPGs for his friends… when he can find the time!


Mrs. Phyllis

Private Piano Lesson Teacher

Ms. Phyllis has a B.S in music education from Bridgewater College and a dual graduate degree in sacred music from SMU/Perkins School of Theology. She has served many years in the United Methodist Church as a Deacon, choir director, handbell director and accompanist. She has over 20 years experience teaching private piano/music theory.

She recently moved to the Pilot Point area and is enjoying life in the country. Having grown up in rural Virginia, it feels like coming home. She enjoys time with her grandchildren, reading, cooking and most of all making music.


Private Guitar Lesson Teacher

Mr. Vince is a veteran performer/entertainer/bandleader and praise and worship leader. He currently serves as Music Director of Faith United Methodist Church in Denton as well as coordinating music for the Saturday evening mass at St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church in Pilot Point and the Sunday afternoon contemporary mass at St. Mark in Plano. Mr. Vince also leads 2 distinct music groups. Jesus Team A which is an extension of his music ministry


is a multigenerational, bilingual, praise and worship band and The Vince Lujan Project (think Santana meets Dave Matthews Band) has appeared at various venues, music festivals, corporate and wedding events. They have been featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live as a part of the regional Chevy Music Showcase spot, and have opened for Chris Barron of The Spin Doctors, among countless others.


Mr. Eric

Private Piano and Guitar Lesson Teacher

Mr. Eric is an American recording artist and live performer. He has over 30 years experience which includes touring many parts of the world. Main instruments include guitar, piano and bass. Theatre and set design are also among his experience. Today he spends most of his time teaching piano, guitar, voice and music composition.


Private Piano and Guitar Lesson Teacher

Mr. George is a lover of music who, long enamored with his father’s guitar playing, picked up the instrument at age 14 and hasn’t put it down since. After studying at California State University, Stanislaus and graduating from New Mexico State University with a Bachelor’s in Music Education, George went on to graduate work at the University of California, Irvine where he focused on a Master’s degree in Classical guitar and Renaissance Lute 

Screenshot 2024-01-31 6.39.44 PM.png

Performance. Proficient in a variety of instruments, George has taught guitar and piano to students of all ages for 20 years.  He enjoys performing in a wide range of genres, including folk, rock, bluegrass, and jazz. It’s Latin music, particularly Mariachi, that connects him to his southwestern and Mexican heritage.  With a passion for songwriting, he brings his craft to these genres as well and has formed a wide range of musical collaborations.



Tuesday RISE Musical Theatre

Special Education Teacher

About nine years ago, I decided that I needed to do something more meaningful with my life. So I left corporate sales to become a paraprofessional in the Aubrey school system, where my son attended

school. I told my son that I would no longer have to 

travel every month and that we would have a lot more 

time together, including all summer... He said, "absolutely!"

I fell in love with the special education department's kids and 

staff, so much so, that I knew I had found my calling in life. I went back to college to earn my degree as a special education teacher. After five years as a paraprofessional, this is my third year as a special education teacher and I love it! It's the hardest and most amazing job I have ever had. I am so excited about this opportunity for our special kids at Starbright! 


Private Lesson Teacher for Saxophone, Trumpet, Piano, Percussion/Drums and Voice

Passionate about music from an early age, Mr. Daniel embarked on his musical journey by embracing the saxophone in 2008. His dedication to the craft led him to pursue a five-year music education program at UTEP, where he honed his skills in piano, voice, percussion, trumpet, and made the saxophone his primary instrument. In 2018, he proudly represented UTEP as a member of the wind symphony ensemble, showcasing their musical prowess at the prestigious TMEA event. Now, as a proud member of Starbright, he is excited to share his love for music and contribute to inspiring students on their musical paths.



Private Piano Lesson Teacher

Born and raised in South Florida, Ethan Nguyen began playing piano at the age of five. It was

during this formative time that one of his earliest mentors introduced him to the sounds of jazz

improvisation. From then on, he was captivated and nurtured a deep passion for both classical

and jazz music. He earned a B.M. in Piano Performance from the University of Florida, followed by an M.M. in Jazz Piano Performance 

from the University of North Texas. Through UNT, he had the opportunity to share the stage with artists such as Miguel Zenón, Andre Hayward, and Mark Walker. He also performed at venues including the Midwest Clinic, Jazz Showcase, JEN Conference, and TMEA Convention. Today, Ethan is an active performer and educator in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.



Group Technical Theatre Teacher 

Ms. Reece is a frequent face, not only downstairs in The Garage Door Theater, but around town. She works part time as a Layout Designer and part time as a Nanny! As a child, she started her theater journey by taking acting lessons that, ultimately, led to her performance in a play. She has filled the roles of actor, light & sound technician, stage manager, technical director and stage director. Ms Reece teaches Technical Theater classes, providing students with knowledge & experience of  "behind the scenes" operations, in the world of performing arts. 


Meet Shelly Denning, the creative force behind Shelly's Artspace! Based in the vibrant community of Denton, TX, Shelly is not just a professional artist but a passionate advocate for the arts. With a heart dedicated to nurturing creativity in others, she brings joy and inspiration to budding artists of all ages. As a mother of two, Shelly understands 


the importance of fostering imagination and expression in young minds, making her art camp the perfect destination for your child's summer adventure. Join Shelly as she teams up with Starbright MPA and embark on a colorful journey of self-discovery and artistic exploration!

Art Teacher 

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