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We offer intensive workshops on Saturdays. Workshop subjects vary and include focuses such as song writing/composition, acting, technical theatre, audition technique, singing and musical theatre.  







Saturday, June 29, 2024

11:30 am-1:30 pm


Explore 3 fundamental points of view on performance, as you begin your journey as an actor! Or, put words and understanding to the way you already approach character, as Starbright Instructor, Basil, teaches you the difference between Method, Meisner and Adler, in both ideology and execution. Brief lectures on each perspective will be followed by directed exercises to introduce these 3 unique approaches to characterization.



Past Workshops 

Fundamental Acting Techniques Workshop

This workshop, led by Starbright instructor Basil Gist, will focus on giving attendees an understanding of the acting techniques developed by 5 of Konstantin Stanislavski’s (the father of modern theater) most prolific students.

Students in the Actor's Voice Workshop after completing the workshop. 
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